6 week challenge

Elite Mindset challenge

Learn to play with freedom, conquer nerves and overcome self doubt with the YouStrive Elite Mindset Challenge

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Challenge overview

What's in the challenge

Everyday for 6 weeks YouStrivers will watch a short video lesson followed by a task to help them relate the lesson to their own lives.
Module 1

Love what you do

Passion comes first, it drives everything else
Module 2

Define your future self

Visualization techniques to motivate and inspire direction
Module 3

Define Ideal Performance

• Understand what a good performance actually looks like
• Importance of the little jobs
• Focus on process
Module 4

Understanding practice & the brain

• Practice the little things
• Introduction to Mental Rehearsal
Module 5

Nerves & performance

• Nerves are the key
• Mindfulness
• Getting in the zone
Module 6


• Learn from good and bad days
• Don't dwell, move on and enjoy your life
Module 7

Dealing with setbacks & adversity

• Rejection
• Failure
• Being benched
Module 8

Self Doubt & fear of mistakes

• The daily routine built throughout the challenge helps put these at ease
• Long term commitment for long term results

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