Footballers Mindset Training Program

Learn to play with freedom, conquer nerves, overcome self doubt and love your football again

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Benefits & Outcomes

Youstrivers learn to take control

Self Motivated
They are driven by their own goals and ambitions
They become accountable for their actions and performances
Self Aware
They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses
Growth Minded
They know improvement is entirely dependent on their actions
Composed under pressure
They follow routines to clear their minds and perform consistently
Consistent performers
Consistent performance is a bi-product of their consistent mental preparation
Failure and success are viewed as opportunities to learn and improve


I believe I am a better footballer because of visualization and self-talk

Ben, 14 years old

What's included

The program

The program has all the tools you need to develop an elite footballers mindset, in just a few minutes a day.

Daily lessons take 3 to 10mins to complete.
Learn & apply

6 week Challenge

Includes 42 daily video lessons and tasks that players apply to their own careers and lives.

feedback & coaching

We provide personal feedback & coaching. We also offer on demand assistance ( via in-app messaging)
Train your brain

Mental training exercises

Guided mental training exercises to help you continue your mental training practice

Performance tracker

Performance tracking and reflection tool to help you reflect, learn and stay motivated

Acces to "Team Talk"

Exclusive access to YouStrive’s in app community

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Player Testimonials

I feel a lot more confident now before practice and games
Katie, 16
Player, USA
It taught me that when I make a mistake it’s okay and to move on
Gracie, 16
Player, USA
Now I ask myself if my dream trial was in 100 days, what would you do? I would train every day
Ryley, 15
Player, AUS
My nerves have improved before the game
Yulian, 10
Player, USA
I believe I am a better footballer because of visualization and self-talk
Ben, 14
Player, USA
I would tell other athletes that if they have the chance to take part in the YouStrive Challenge they should definitely take it
Max, 13
Player, USA
I believe the program was tremendous, all facets were done well…presentation, communication, subject matter
Parent of Max 13 & Gracie 16
I have found that he has his spark back, not just with soccer but with life in general. He is more focused and has purpose in his actions now
Parent of Ryley, 15
This 6 week program helped Alex reignite his love and passion for soccer
Parent of Alex, 11
I believe YouStrive has given him a mental advantage over other players
Grandfather of Yulian, 10
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