Mental Training Journal

Get the YouStrive Mental Training Journal for your players and watch them develop the mindset that will help take their game to the next level.

YouStrive Mental Training Journal: $29.99 (+ shipping)

The 10 steps of the YouStrive Journal

Here is a quick overview of the 10 steps of the YouStrive process. The journal goes into more detail and guides your players through every step.
Step 1

Set an ultimate goal

Players set a long-term goal to strive for
Step 2

Set a season goal

They set a goal for the season ahead to help motivate them, day in day out
Step 3

Commit to an elite attitude

They commit to an elite set of attitudes for different sporting scenarios
Step 4


They Identify some attacking moments of their game they want to improve on
Step 5

Defensive moments

They identify some defensive moments of their game they want to improve on
Step 6

Train moments

They physically train each of these moments to improve their ability and performance
Step 7

Mental rehearsal

They follow a mental rehearsal routine customised to the chosen moments
Step 8

Mindfulness routine

They Follow a Mindfulness Routine before training and games to calm their nerves and help get into the zone to maximise performance.
Step 9

Reflect on performances

They reflect on every training session and every game to learn from both success and failure
Step 10

Progress review

They review their progress throughout the season and make adjustments to their plan as required


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How do I buy the Mental Training Journal for my players

Getting the journal is easy. For single orders, click the Buy Now button and purchase your copy securely using PayPal or credit card. If you'd like to buy multiple  Click here to fill out the enquiry form with details about your organisation and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to get the ball rolling

Who is the Mental Training Journal for?

If you are looking to add value to your training program, YouStrive is for you. Offering the YouStrive Process as part of your curriculum/program shows that you care about your players development. We have players of varying ambitions and abilities from pre-teen all the way up to full-time professionals that are striving to fulfil their potential

How much does it cost?

Good News! It’s affordable! Prices differ depending on your country, choice of part-time or full-time journal and number of players you have. Let us know about your organization and your players so we can give you the best solutions to get your players striving