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Read what some of our original YouStrivers and their parents have to say about the YouStrive mental training program

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What PArents say
They seemed to be more engaged with each other about their thoughts. And possibly a bit more introspective about their own games.

I believe the program was tremendous, all facets were done well…presentation, communication, subject matter, personalization, etc.”

If parents out there are thinking of signing up their kids… I would say sign them up as soon as you have the chance. But…make sure they understand that they have to commit it to enjoy the benefits. It’s a GREAT PROGRAM!
Parent of Max, 13 and Gracie, 16
I have found that he has his spark back, not just with soccer but with life in general. He is more focused and has purpose in his actions now.

His biggest challenge is both his confidence and decision making during a game. I have noticed a change with his confidence on game day. I’m confident he now has the tools to make him a complete player on the field and will achieve his goals that he sets himself for the future.

I think there are plenty of players out there like my son who lack self confidence around their game. My son was able to relate to the program and it surprised me how easily he opened up and allowed himself to step out of his comfort zone to try something completely new to him. I have noticed a difference in his game, he seems to be playing with a purpose now and has a lot more self belief not just in regards to his soccer, but also in life in general.

He has that spark back in his training and looks like he is enjoying the sport again.
Parent of Ryley, 15
Alex now does a lot of self talk which he never used to do. He has his daily plan and uses the visualisation technique before games.

Alex’s biggest challenge are his nerves and how to conquer them. He has now been given the tools he needs from this program to ensure the nerves benefit his performance.

I think the daily videos are a wonderful tool to keep players on track

This 6 week program helped Alex reignite his love and passion for soccer. Without this program, I think Alex’s nerves and anxiety would have got the better of him and he would have quit soccer. Both Alex and I are so grateful to Shannon for this amazing program.
Parent of Alex, 11
He has implemented visualization before practices and games and has a better mindset towards the game.

His biggest challenge has been pregame mental preparation. I feel like like YouStrive has been very helpful.

I have recommended it to others. I believe YouStrive has given him a mental advantage over other players
Grandfather of Yulian, 10
What young Footballers say
I feel a lot more confident now before practice and games

YouStrive’s 6 week challenge was an amazing experience that taught me about the mental side of the game and how to overcome anxiety and other stresses that I feel at soccer
Katie, 16
Player, USA
It taught me that when I make a mistake it’s okay and to move on. It also helped me to be less in my head during games.

It really helped me with my mental game.
Gracie, 16
Player, USA
I struggled with having the confidence to train on my own as before I used to see it as just extra work… but now I ask myself if my dream trial was in 100 days, what would you do? I would train every day

The Youstrive challenge has a lot to offer including how to get into the mindset of a professional athlete and finding out who you are
Ryley, 15
Player, AUS
My nerves have improved before the game
Yulian, 10
Player, USA
I struggled with nerves before games. I feel getting into the zone and visualising have helped me with my nerves.

I believe I am a better footballer because of visualization and self-talk
BEN, 14
Player, USA
YouStrive’s 6 week challenge helped me to be more conscious of my device usage and to focus more on my craft than on things that do not matter.

I would tell other athletes that if they have the chance to part in the YouStrive Challenge they should definitely take it.
MAX, 13
Player, USA

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